Holy Cross Council 13560

Veterans Day 2019

Honoring our veterans with breakfast.  

Thank you for your service!

Grand Knight’s Message:


We are blessed to have a very viable and visible Knights of Columbus council at Holy Cross Parish. Our knights are an incredible group of men—dedicated to our parish and those in need. I am proud to serve with such a group of men. Please consider joining our ranks! – 

Norm Schille GK



Council #13560 July 2018 through June 2019 Officers:

Grand Knight Norm Schille
Financial Secretary Jon Kurtenbach
Deputy Grand Knight Brian Doyle
Chancellor Shannon Odell
Recorder Monte Marti
Treasurer Todd Rogers
Advocate Sam Traugott
Warden Dan Schmidt
Inside Guard Ron Russo
Outside Guard Jim Driscol
1 Year Trustee Ed Miller
2 Year Trustee Hal Small
3 Year Trustee Thom Schessler
Chaplain Fr. Jay De Folco
Artist Al Fitch with the altar he built for the new church