Mission Trek

Our Mission Trek program is on hiatus due to Covid-19 until everyone is able to travel safely again. 

Please keep our mission partners at Esperanza International and the community of La Gloria, Mexico, in your prayers. We are eager to return and visit our friends again.

Past Holy Cross Youth Mission Trek Locations

2019 Tijuana, Mexico, Esperanza  ~  2018 Great Falls, MT, Young Neighbors in Action

2017 Heart Butte, MT, Blackfeet Nation, Youth Works     ~     2016 Tijuana, Mexico, Esperanza

2015 San Diego, CA, Young Neighbors in Action     ~     2014 Colorado Springs, CO, Catholic Heart Works     ~     2013 Lewiston, ID, Nez Perce Nation

2012 Tijuana, Mexico, Esperanza     ~     2011 Tijuana, Mexico, Esperanza     ~     2010 San Francisco, CA     ~     2009 San Diego, CA

2008 Martin, SD     ~     2007 Lodge Grass, MT     ~     2006 Bay St. Louis, MO