Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Join us in the series of Understanding the Scriptures

A Complete Course on Bible Study – The Didache Series

Author: Scott Hahn, PhD

This series is a systematic and comprehensive guide to understanding the Sacred Scripture. It investigates the various books of the Bible, highlights their importance within salvation history, and demonstrates how they confirm our Catholic Faith. 

  • 30 Chapters divided into three 10 chapter sessions
  • 1st session Beginning September 7th, 2021 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Tuesdays
  • 1st session Ending November 16th, 2021 Break for Holidays
  • $60.00 material fee (scholarships available)

For information or to register, call Marcella Rockenbach 425 330-2058 or via email rock.zz@frontier.com

Please register by Aug. 15th to allow for book ordering.      

(Place fee in envelope in collection basket marked Understanding Scriptures)

Lent 2021 – Outdoor Stations of the Cross prayer resources

Recorded and produced by Holy Cross parishioners for use with the parish’s outdoor stations of the cross, located on the south side of the church.  A variety of recordings for your use. 

Lectio Divina Small Groups

Lectio Divina or “divine reading” is a process of praying with scripture, engaging with Christ, dialoguing with the Word of God.  It can be done individually or with a small group.  There are four steps.  Reading (Lectio), we hear what God says through scripture. Mediation (Meditation), we take it into our hearts and reflect on it.  Prayer (Oratio), we speak as we offer our prayer in response.  Contemplation (Contemplatio), we rest and listen to God’s message to us.   The process is opened and closed in prayer.  This prayer form is an excellent way to prepare for the Sunday Liturgy.

Opening Prayer:  Sign of the Cross or my own words of recognition of the presence of Christ.

Reading (Lectio)

I read a short Scripture passage, such as the Sunday Gospel.

Meditation (Meditatio)

I reflect in silence on one or more of the following questions.

  • What word or phrase in this passage caught my attention?
  • What in this passage comforted or challenged me?

Prayer (Oratio)

I read the Scripture passage again.  I bring to the Lord the praise, petition, lament, or thanksgiving that the Word inspires in me.

Contemplation (Contemplatio)

I read the Scripture one more time.  I reflect and listen to our Lord.  What conversion of mind, heart, and life is being asked of me?

Closing Prayer:  The “Our Father” or any other prayer of gratitude from my heart.

Consider writing in your journal and/or share with a trusted friend or family member.  Small groups are forming for those who would like to participate in a virtual experience.  Frequency and meeting times/formats will be determined by group interest.  The first group will begin in September. 

Contact Carmella Barger at adultfaith@hccclakestevens.org  or 425-478-4269.